Daughters Inspired, Volume III


Daughters Inspired is a bi-weekly collection of ephemera (both physical and digital) that inspires our work and life.

Hello spring, is that you?

These past warm weather days reminded us that our world is alive. Prior to today's slush-storm, we witnessed tiny buds breaking through on our lilacs. The brief glimpse of spring allowed our spirits to thaw. With that, we're revisiting our commitments to self-care this year. The things we loved from this week:


Refinery29 Horoscopes

It's not imperative that you start your month off with a horoscope meditation, but it certainly can't hurt. This month, we're heart-eyes over Refinery29's predictions. The illustrations feel entirely spring.


Super Women, Super Foods from Radio Cherry Bombe

The name hooked us. We love this wellness-focused miniseries from Radio Cherry Bombe. It's not a far departure from their usual fare of gastronomic storytelling, but we appreciate their intentional (albeit short) shift to self-care. From eating superfoods for your skin to utilizing your breath, each of the four episodes highlights a particular corner of the wellness world. All are worth a listen, but we particularly loved the episode with Athena Calderone from Eyeswoon


A Sacred Shift by Marlee Grace

One of our goals for 2018 is to create a morning ritual to ground us before we dive into our days. Marlee Grace is a master of rituals: she documents her daily movement practice on Instagram under the handle @personalpractice. The vignettes are sometimes quiet and sometimes raucous, but they're always mesmerizing. In 2015, Grace self-published a print version of her meditations titled A Sacred Shift. You can now buy the book at more mainstream outlets. We're excited to read it with our morning cup of tea.


How to Dry Brush from Goop

We file dry brushing in between instagram-ready hands and $45 shower caps: things that you aspire to but will never admit. Just give it a whirl, it's all about the little luxuries, isn't it?


Not Even Happiness by Julie Byrne

We've had Julie Byrne's album on heavy rotation these last few months. It's impossible not to be soothed by her silky voice. We like to listen to it while working and (of course) drinking a hot cup of tea.