Daughters Inspired, Volume I


Daughters Inspired is a bi-weekly collection of ephemera (both physical and digital) that inspires our work and life.

January came in like a lion and it's out like a lioness. The first 31 days of the new year were tempestuous. But we can't deny the new year's energy (mania?) and its ability to push us forward, ever closer to our goals. Nonetheless, here's to a softer February sans super blue blood moons. The things we loved from this week:


Mother Mag’s February Horoscope

Mother Mag’s month-long astrological outlook is our favorite way to kick-off our beginning of the month planning sessions. Plus we love the elegant illustrations.

download (1).png

Unladylike Podcast

This is the podcast to listen to when you’re coming off a very bad, no good day; when the world’s forces are hell-bent on crushing your creative spirit. Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin (previously of Stuff Mom Never Told You, also fabulous!) explore what happens when women break the rules. Part storytelling, part investigative journalism, part feminist observations, only two episodes in and we’re already heart-eyed.


Jemima Kirke, on Style Like U

(One from the archives) There is so much to admire about Jemima Kirke, from her portrayal of reckless and vulnerable Jessa on Girls to her disarming oil paintings of women. But this 13-minute interview with Style Like U gives us all the feels. It’s certainly an investment, but it’s 13 minutes well spent. We recommend watching with a glass of wine and a handkerchief - you’re going to need them.


Darling Mag, Issue 22: Expanse

(Stephanie here) Nina gifted me a subscription of Darling for the holidays. Issue 22 explores our internal expanse, which if you know me, you know that this is one of my favorite subjects to follow down the rabbit hole. There is so much to love about this issue, but definitely don’t skip the short story Every Night by Amelia Bethel.  


Hatch Mama Beauty

As designers and mothers, we can’t help but drool over the new Hatch Mama Beauty collection. The packaging is luxurious and simple, two of our favorite design elements. We especially love that the collection offers practical and stylish solutions to some of pregnancy’s more nefarious ailments. We can’t wait to spoil the next mama-to-be in our lives.